Dolby Fuckers

Groovy Tunes

WWA033 - 05/01/2015

The Dolby Fuckers are proud to announce the release of their third album, “Groovy Tunes”. After a decade in Columbus, DF founder Lee Keeler moved to Georgia for film school in 2007, eventually settling in Los Angeles after graduation to pursue his dreams in the world of live comedy. While the aforementioned work flourished, Keeler continued to record tracks with the help of producer and fellow Kyle Sowashes alum Mike Postalakis.Between a marriage, new jobs, lost jobs, new apartments and a subsequent divorce, Keeler sporadically wrote and laid down songs over a span of four years on a four-track owned by Postalakis. Featuring members of LA-based groups Mike & Matt, Hi Ho Silver Oh and The Antarcticans, “Groovy Tunes” is a west coast testament of Keeler’s living room immediacy and rough-hewn rock compositions. FREE DOWNLOAD