Dolby Fuckers


WWA038 - 12/25/2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM WE WANT ACTION: FREE DOLBY FUCKERS EP “MOON-BARBEE”  As a Christmas gift from WWA to you, we present brand new songs from Dolby Fuckers for your download enjoyment:      DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Keeler’s dad got cancer in 2013 so he moved back to Iowa to help him recover. He recorded Moon-Barbee on a borrowed four-track with borrowed instruments in Storm Lake and Sioux City. Dolby Fuckers Matt Wilke and Ed Van Etten joined him on bass and guitar, respectively. Thanks to Mick Polich, Melinda Wilke, Sean Keeler, Jon Fintel, Mike Postalakis, Kevin & Roxy and Gian Molina. If you like this, please peruse the other Dolby Fucker releases here and here, and please be sure to visit the online WWA bazaar for other wonderful music. Never forget: mistletoe is a parasite.

Track Listing

Newhouse Soldiers Crown
Sub Par Bread
Bath Bomb
Uncle Duck Karaoke Jamb
HIeroglyphs & Helium
Mousing Around with the Quiff
Rainbow Snow
Bacon Creek