The Long and the Lost (Denovo Discography)

WWA010 - 06/28/2011

For about 6 years, Denovo wrote and recorded music together. In the beginning, they recorded 3 songs, “Hacksaw”, “Artery”, and “Tornout” with Kopaz drummer Nate Keister. After a year or so, they recorded (with Jon Fintel) and released three more songs (“Words for Potentially Millions”, “I’ll be the Cordcutter”, and “Diggin’ in the Dirt, a Peter Gabriel cover) on a 7″ on WWA. 4 more (The Good War”, “Modulok”, “Dead Air”, and “Hey, Brother”) were eventually recorded at Relay Recording. They never released those songs. 2 more songs (“Hammered in Nail City” and “Classic Rock”) were roughly recorded on Sean’s 8-track and then lost until Spring 2011. Then there are 46 riffs recorded with a boombox. They each have a unique title thanks to Marc Anderson. Please download any and all of this collection, free of charge. Keep in mind that they are filed with ASCAP under Bruising Speed Publishing. Thanks. We appreciate everyone’s support over the years.


The First Three Recordings:

Torn Out

Song found on practice tape


The 7″ (sold out…we went chocolate)

Words for Potentially Millions
I’ll Be the Cordcutter
Diggin’ in the dirt

The 4 Unreleased Songs

The Good War
Dead Air
Hey Brother

The last two songs the band finished and recorded demos

Hammered in Nail City
Classic Rock

Forty-Six Riffs

Amazing fucking conversation – super practice
2 minute build up to nothing
Ass Noir
Average, but sassy
Barely audible riff
Bass Drivin
Beach Riff
Chopshop w Noodle end after booms
Denovo breaks gangsta bass
Dirty Chris Riffage
drunk bored
Espanol owns su madre
Forget me
Gangsta bass
Gangstabass HD
I know we used this, cant remember song
I think this became neneh
Jason slappy hands du du du du madness
Just My Axe
Little Ian w a Beard and Shit
or did THIS become neneh
Potential Orphan Ending
Rhow Rhow camaro song
Rhow Rhow w Crappy PGMG End
Sean sings the hitz! til music kicks in
sick shit 8 track w bass
Skip me too
Sleestak bass
Slow legless clayfish on sidewalk
Tarpitzzz plus
The Fucking Grammy If We Had Any Balls
The Grabber!
The kinda song that kinda lived and kinda never died
This is the shit tranny
This is the shit
Torn Out
twisty torsion – riff makes me hard
Wacky happy rabbit dance
Words For Potentially Millions
Would be better without these mittens in my ears