Their Fuedery

Their Fuedery is a project from the brains of Nathan Keister and Erik Mause. Each of them have multiple alter egos, (just for fun of course, not in the mental way). These two met in college, they were in a band together back in 1993. It was called Butterflesh. That too was also for fun. Nathan wrote the music for this project a couple years ago and he posted it to Bandcamp. Erik found it one day and liked what he heard, he liked it so much in fact that he found himself singing to it – a lot. He then contacted Nathan and asked if he could record some vocals for the otherwise instrumental music. Because the two now lived so far away, it became a ‘Postal Service’ type situation (but with digital technology). They would send files back and forth, adjusting and tweaking, until they were confident that they liked what they heard. The result is this record. Heavy and without remorse. In your face, raw and lo fi. Reared with inexpensive equipment, this record encompasses something that both individuals set out to do. That’s it.