The Kyle Sowashes

Kyle Sowash, whose regular rotating-door orchestra of a dozen or so Ohio musicians spend their days working their day-jobs or making beautiful music with all of the awesomest musicians in Columbus except Sowash, can, nevertheless, quite honestly call this group of elsewhere unrecognized professionals “my orchestra.”Much like waiters who must serve a gaggle of delicious dishes in their respective restaurants to earn their wages, but who, when the call comes return to Sowash’s kitchen, they reunite to dish out the stuff they love best.Why, for many years, even Kyle himself has belonged to an outfit called Tom Foolery and the Mistakes. After a decade, he felt it was time he invented some of his own recipes.Blend 32 oz. of good-humored tales of everyday life with five tablespoons of bubblegum pop hooks…garnish with a pinch of nostalgic indie rock, and serve…. Oh, boy, it’s the Kyle Sowashes! My favorite!