Relay Recording

Relay Recording is a state-of-the-art music recording facility offering over thirty-eight hundred square feet of creative space in burgeoning downtown Columbus, Ohio. Relay boasts the best in pro-audio equipment, including a baby grand piano and an extensive collection of vintage instruments, providing a unique and palpable sound-quality worthy of clients’ creativity. Perfecting the evolving science of sound engineering for over fifteen years, we understand the needs of the artist; providing a multi-faceted experience from first recording to final mastering- with artist input at the forefront of every step. Our downtown studio offers everything to take a project from start to finish including recording, mixing, and mastering.

Born in 2002, Relay Recording began as a small home recording studio. With many successful records, Jon Fintel rebuilt the studio in a new, larger, and more comprehensive facility. Relay Recording now offers the same home studio passion and attention in a high-tech, professional downtown location.

Jon Fintel