Mortimur is a three-piece instrumental outfit hailing from Columbus, Ohio. ┬áThe trio creates seductive soundscapes by intertwining patterns of rhythm and melody into a polyphonic storm. Recognizing each other through constant communication, their music forms a picture or narrative without the constraints of a lyrical lean. This magnetic sound is characterized by its yearning melodies, ethereal swells, and lilting waves of drumming. The sound combination creates a counterpoint or axis for all instruments to exist both separately and together, spanning audible space with bold frequency and dynamic tonal and volume range. Hypnotic rumbles of trance-like patterns, moody triplet-based polyrhythms, and cacophonous dissension all signify Mortimur’s bacchanal reverie. Notable influences include bands such as Don Cabellero, King Crimson, Slint, Laddio Bolocko, Can, and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Each of these bands has created something uniquely their own, simultaneously defying musical categorization while defining modern sound. A testimony to new music, Mortimur is determined to discover and claim ownership of fertile ground.Mortimur’s lips are hermetically sealed. The trinity’s first full-length self-titled audible requisition is impervious to external influence. As to say, the best thieves never get caught. The mystery is in their hands and in the ears of their listeners. Musical deviants by nature and truth-sayers in the world of independent rock and roll, Mortimur embodies the strength of innovation in a world of fraudulent popular radio play while still remaining accessible to true music lovers.

David Earl Barnes – Guitar

Bobby Silver – Bass Guitar

Jeremy Scott Vogel – Drums