After partaking in angular guitar-driven rock bands for more than half of a decade together, Kevin Davison and Sean Gardner of Columbus, Ohio, decided to follow a new muse. Bound by the common desire to compose slower, more simplistic ideas, they formed MeltyMelty in early 2006

The point of the band is to sculpt songs that are textured with hook-riddled instrumentation, yet keep everything as simple as possible. The majority of their work is composed on guitar or keys, layered with samples, loops, synths, and a vibraphone. The songs are basically simple pop songs textured with catchy melodies.

Melty Melty released widely acclaimed album, Rise of the Birdmen in 2007.  They are currently working on their follow-up album.

Sean Gardner: vocals, guitars, keys, loops, oscillation

Kevin Davison: bass, vocals, synths, samples

Brian Moore: drums