In the year 2000 the all-female cast of Frostiva commenced the production of eerie, minimalist rock. Envision walking through the forest on a late summer night, being thrown into a tundra in Siberia, and then spun into a disco that’s in for an unpleasant surprise. Although, as a collective, we musically expose and impose “the things we are afraid of”, we are not afraid to be pretty, or to open the dance floor to people who move like machines and / or have had too much to drink.

Leslie and Trinae, the songwriters and vocalists in Frostiva, are influenced by one another and create a progression that is linear, circular and jagged with raw changes, mixing minor, major, and seventh chords, and various time signatures. As a group Frostiva are influenced by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, New Order, The Talking Heads, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Broadcast, Lush, and horror film music.

Frostiva have shared the stage with Black Eyes, Melt Banana, Radio Berlin, Golden Boy, Black Cat Music, Sick Lipstick, The Long Goodbye, The Cinema Eye, Audion, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Blow up, Manda and the Marbles, Lorelei, and twice with Mary Timony of Helium. In 2003 Frostiva played at Ladyfest Philly and are taking part in the organization of Ladyfest Ohio in 2004.

Recently seven songs were recorded at Relay Studios engineered by Jon Fintel and self produced; one of those tracks, Paramount Imposter, can be found on the recently released We Want Action compilation which includes a track from The Sun. Frostiva’s ep Ochnomos will be released by We Want Action in May 2004. Previously, six tracks were recorded at Workbook Studios; limited editions were released. Since the most recent recording, we have written three new songs and are hoping to get back in the studios in the winter. Frostiva is played on the local radio station CD101 on the award winning Independent Playground, as well as Frontstage 101. Frostiva was featured on the NYU college radio special program No No Pussycat. Frostiva has a review posted on the Italian website