Adz - Drums, vocals, production
Aza - Guitar, vocals, web tech

"Considering how rarely Times New Viking plays
 these days, somebody needed to step up to keep
 first-rate slapdash scuzz-pop on Columbus stages.
 Cliffs is getting it done." "The fact that Cliffs is a
 shout-along guitars/drums duo positions these guys
 as contemporaries of Japandroids. And while they
 share those Canadians’ affinity for anthems, Cliffs
 shambles across all sorts of sounds rather than
 hone in on one. Consider “E=mc2,”  which
 approached White Stripes garage blues with the  wobbly grace of Pavement’s
 Wowee Zowee, or the impressive manner in which power pop ditty “From
 Bonnie to Clyde” descended into harmonized “oohs.”

-Chris DeVille. Columbus Alive 11/1/2012

"What they do is first and foremost of the power pop persuasion – somewhat of an
 anomaly these days. It’s what they add to the mix that makes them refreshing,
 and perhaps allows them to distort the general perception of how a rock and roll
 duo should sound. From the bombastic swagger of “Nashul!” to the infectious bop
 of “Beautiful Girls,” their minimalist bursts of energy are slightly bluesy, slightly
 punk, but never derivative of what one might consider standard."

"Cliffs maintain the sharp efficacy of Fugazi (one of their many heroes) yet ditch that
 band’s attitude and posturing. They adhere to the recent wave  of shape-shifting duos
 that mine noisy, craggy, terrain like No Age and Japandroids, yet attack each song
 with an earnesty that can only come from two dudes who have been friends since
 childhood. It’s a youthful camaraderie that dominates the dynamic of Cliffs, yet there’s
 also an increasing penchant for experimentation. Whether that includes adding an
 organ or a bassline to their basic formula, the desire to branch out and expand is ever
 present in the grooves."

-Kevin Elliott, (614) Magazine 9/27/2012

"These two locals looked like normal old chums when I saw them bantering around
 Carabar the night of their EP release show. They kept that comfortable feeling fresh
 and intact when they took the stage later that night to play songs old, and mostly new.
 The EP (which is now released and can be purchased  below) is entitled “The
 Sunglasses EP,” and is a 5 track record that gives you a very enticing taste of the
 energy these boys put into the music."

-Spoonfeed Cbus April 2012