B O O K M O B I L E was Dan Bandman’s idea in high school.  But, he didn’t want to use his favorite band name on just any group of musicians.  He sought to create the best band he could.  But he waited over a decade to finally put it all together.  It’s a Columbus super-group of sorts.   Adding the vocal  stylings of Sean Gardner (Winter Makes Sailors, Melty Melty, Kopaz, The Receiver) was the first ingredient.  Dan and Sean both went to the same high school in the 90’s.  Though their small town had few rock musicians, they never hung out. But, over ten years later, they found themselves playing in the same Columbus band, The Kyle Sowashes.  So, this prompted Dan to present his Bookmobile idea to Sean at a Sowashes show in NYC’s Lower East Side.  They began to write some songs and piece together the rest of the band.  After trying out a couple of their friends, they agreed that Antonio Garza (Paper Airplane) on drums and John Fitzgerald (Pretty Mighty Mighty), who was Dan’s old band-mate in The Handshake, would form the perfect rythm section.  They promptly began writing the anthemic sing-alongs of their debut record, “The New Patriot”.  They bonded over a love for bands like Guided by Voices, Pavement, Built to Spill, The Who, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Misfits, 84 Nash, and Spoon.  They spent a year writing memorable pop melodies and two years recording them. Musically, “The New Patriot” is an amalgamation of the previous bands listed. It’s a classic rock record, simply recorded, well thought-out, full of passionate performances, and thick, meaty guitar tones.  Lyrically, the record is consistant.  Written during the end of the Bush era, Sean sings about politics, war, and the journeys of being in a band from Ohio.  The record is laced with keyboards, folk instruments, guitars of every volume and tone, and melodies that stick in your brain for days at a time.  It’s a dynamic record that will likely please the music ideals of most listeners, not just the fans of the 90’s indie rock.  It’s polished at times, and perfectly sloppy at others.  It was recorded in the basement of Sean’s basement studio, where creativity could control the engineering.  Then it was sent to Jon Fintel at Relay Recording to finish the vocal tracking and make it presentable to the world.

BOOKMOBILE 2008-2010

Dan Bandman- guitars

Sean Gardner-vocals, keys, guitars

John Fitzgerald- bass

Antonio Garza- drums, vocals